My game is crashing on an iOS device.

If your game is crashing, please try these basic troubleshooting steps and see if any of them help:


  • A hard reset. You can do this by holding down the Home and Sleep/Wake button.
  • Reinstalling the game. (Don’t do this if you’re playing on a Guest account.)
  • Cleaning up your multitasking tray here:
  • Try ‘Resetting your Network Settings’ by going to your device Settings, then General, then Reset and Reset Network Settings.  NOTE: This will delete all stored WiFi passwords on your device so please don’t tap on it if you forget your WiFi password!
  • Playing on a different device from the same connection.
  • Playing on a different connection with the same device.
  • Restoring your device using this information: (Don’t do this if you’re playing on a Guest account.)
If you are still encountering issues, please send us a support ticket.
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    Fabio “Channel” Politi

    Sì BLOCCA Sulla Schermata Iniziale hheeeelp 

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    Juan Lopez

    It's still not working properly , my game is freezing up before and after reinstalling it .

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    Audiomania Triunvirato

    Game keeps freezing up after about 30 Sec after opening. Haven't been able to play for 3 days. Rest phone and still doing same thing.


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    Hola hay alguien???


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    Jfran AL Jfran

    Black operations 2 please 😭😍

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